Redis Compass (Setting Up Redis) –Part 4

Hi there, In this section we will go through the whole process of setting up redis on our development machine.


To setup redis on linux fire-up a terminal and run these commands:

The above commands downloads redis source and then compiles it, when the operations is completed the src(source) directory will now contain the following executables:

  • redis-server (the redis server)
  • redis-sentinel (used for redis server monitoring)
  • redis-cli (command-line app used to interface with redis)
  • redis-benchmark (to check redis performance)

Now in the same terminal, in the same directory run:

The above command will copy the redis-server and redis-cli executables into your /usr/local/bin (which i’m assuming is in your PATH environment variable), with all that done fire-up a new terminal and run:

you should see something like this:

if you see something similar to the above then congratulations you’ve successfully set-up redis.



There is no official support for redis on windows yet but you can find an unofficial port here.

Mac OS X

You can install redis on your mac by using homebrew, open a terminal and run the following commands:


Well, that’s all, if you have any issues setting it up please let me know in the comments.


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